Customised room solutions

Nowadays, fast and mobile space solutions are often required within a short time. Temporary and mobile-based containers provide a way. Similar to overseas containers which are known from the transport sector, SIPORT provides the basic structure for interior design.

Because container systems offer the perfect solution everywhere where timely mobile space must be created.

Whether an office unit on construction sites, a temporary space for staff or a control centre – SIPORT specialises in these customised space solutions. Each container is adapted to its needs and purpose according to customer requirements.

The lower cost as opposed to fixed buildings and the temporary, and flexible service life distinguish containers clearly as a winner in mobile space solution. It is designed as a space module, but can be converted to a multi-room system by the stackable construction.

The basic construction is delivered prefabricated and later fitted and equipped by our qualified personnel according to customer specifications.



Container dimensions

SIPORT obtains its containers in various sizes and aspect ratios. The ISO containers have a length of 10-30 feet and are available in 3 different heights.



The basic structure consists of underbody, the roof and the 4 corner braces made of sturdy and durable steel. A powder coating of the framework ensures weather resistance.

The floor is insulated as is standard. The floor panels can be provided alternatively with chip board, cement-bound chip board or laminated wood panel and coated with plastic flooring or corrugated sheet.

The roof is likewise insulated and covered with steel sheet on the outside. For Interior cladding, you can choose between coated particle board or gypsum boards with a coated plate.

Depending on customer requirements, each of the 4 container walls can be customised. Whether closed walls, windows, doors or partition walls – everything is plannable.

Customised to its use and purpose, the container can be equipped with security elements.

Especially in the area of customs, police or security sectors, personnel must be often protected against attacks. In meetings, concerts and events, containers are used as cashier’s offices, pass-through gates or control centres and require a higher degree of security equipment.

SIPORT therefore optionally equips the container with security doors, automatic lifting windows, turnstiles or burglar-resistant shutters. Security is our biggest priority, and we offer the best possible protection against infiltration and external forces.

Even for the interior design, no limits are set. Attractive working places, lighting, heating systems, air conditioning systems and comfortable amenities, – SIPORT designed state-of-the-art solutions which are entirely customised for use.

A wide range of components and accessories offers many different equipment options. Our team of professionals are happy to provide you with professional advice and personal support.

The containers are custom-made in our workshops in Mellingen and handed over ready to use.


The use of containers as a „mobile shop window“ is also becoming increasingly popular. Whether at trade fairs, events or events – show containers made of glass can be used in many ways, are transportable and attract attention.

Those who have no glazed windows, too little space or a little busy location for public traffic, can use such event containers as a mobile shop window. Whether vehicles, furniture, technical products or goods – everything can be presented there and well protected against theft or damage. A purposeful placement of the show container, as well as sales-technically thought-out presentation guarantee attention and attraction.

SIPORT – more than just the word “safety”.

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