How it all started…

It all started in a garage in Lenzburg im Aargau…

Peter Binggeli, a technical salesperson at BBC and his friend Kurt Meier, a designer of gate systems at ATLAS, both had extensive professional experience from their days managing projects at the competitor business ATLAS. This gave them the idea of starting their own company. So they challenged themselves to set up their own door and gate construction business.

On 01/09/1978 they founded SIPORT AG in Lenzburg.

The new business soon developed a great reputation in the sector and in 1979 moved to a production hall in Buchs near Aarau. The large demand meant that their own manual production soon became too small, and in 1986 the company built its own production workshop in Mellingen on the Bahnhofstrasse.

In 1985 Peter Binggeli and his business partner Kurt Meier were awarded a promising major contract with the Swiss Postal Service. The intention was to provide better protection for the postal workers against robberies. The business developed its own patent for this: SIPORT designed security counters, which protect the staff against robberies using temporarily opening and closing bullet-proof windows. In this way, SIPORT developed the greatest degree of protection and security. This gave them a breakthrough into the area of personal protection.

This set the course for the future of the business. As well as automatic sliding doors, gates and controlled access door systems, today SIPORT has manufactured more than 5000 of these counter systems in its production halls. Not only were these counter systems used for the postal service, but they were also deployed in official offices, public buildings, banks and jewellers.

In 1990 the premises became too small once more, and the company moved to Birrfeldstrasse 15, in Mellingen. Today we can still be found in the heart of Mellingen.

On 01/04/2001 Peter Binggeli’s son Philipp joined the business.

In 2003 Kurt Meier retired from the business. In 2006 Peter Binggeli also entered well-deserved retirement and handed the business to his son Philipp.

Since then, Philipp Binggeli continued the success of the business as managing director, and made his name as a specialist for automated doors and gates in the Aargau region.

Over time our product range also developed to include barriers, safety roller doors and container interior fittings. Our customers come from both industrial and private sectors. They include post offices, banks, jewellers, authorities and councils, as well as retail, property companies or institutions. We are especially sought after by private sector customers as part of their house-building, renovation and conversion projects.

SIPORT – more than just the word “safety”.

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